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Mission Statement:

JustGeorgia is a Canadian art-based business that markets emotionally-rich original Fine Art paintings and reproductions sold within Canada and Internationally. We also offer innovative Expressive Arts workshops that focus on the model of ‘art as expression’ benefiting youth and adult groups, organizations and educational institutions.

Fullerton Fine Art Collection

As a business that produces high quality Canadian fine art, JustGeorgia stands out from the creative crowd. The fine art aspect of the business known as Fullerton Fine Art Collection, markets and sells original and reproduced art by professional visual artist Georgia Fullerton. We offer a wide variety of styles of art, including abstract, landscape, figurative, and portraiture. Therefore the customer will always get what they want in a distinctive JustGeorgia signature style. The Fullerton Fine Art Collection mandate is to ignite the sensibilities of its viewers and nurture emotional upliftment through the promotion and sale of its dynamic works of art.  The future of Fullerton Fine Art Collection will see the addition of other professional artists and their work represented in North America and worldwide.

Expression Through Art Workshops

Tailored to the sensibilities of youth and adults, JustGeorgia Expression Through Art Workshops focuses on the exploration of self through the analysis of life ‘touchstones’. Emphasis shall be placed on self-perception, how others perceive us and how we would like to be perceived through the visualization of events and conditions that shape lives. Synergistic group discussion will examine the concept of life touchstones and provide insight into personal life journeys as they relate to perception of self, self-esteem, and various other areas of personal challenge and growth. Participatory workshop activity focused on art expression allows participants to engage in the process of art making using the expressive art modalities of visual art, drama, music, movement and story telling.  Art creations are presented and shared among participants who then share an aesthetic response to the work completed.


GeorgiaProfessional visual artist Georgia Fullerton has been educated in Visual Arts in Alberta, Canada and earned a Bachelor of Arts degree at York University in Toronto, Canada. Georgia is the founder of Fullerton Fine Art Collection and Durham Black Artists Collective (DBAC). As a published artist,  Ms. Fullerton has exhibited her paintings in Canada and Internationally. Through conducting workshops and providing nationally broadcasted television interviews, Georgia has provided insight to her artistic expressions, the creative process and the positive impact of the arts on the human experience.

Ms. Fullerton’s art is a reflection of her life experiences and inspired by the power of her emotions and ongoing quest for a better understanding of relationships by way of creative expression. Using primarily acrylic to paint portraits and abstracted interpretations of the figure, Georgia’s images possess bold sensuality and evoke strong emotion.  Ms. Fullerton is currently pursuing certification as an Expressive Arts Therapist at ISIS Canada in Toronto. Georgia’s  art-based business called JustGeorgia, focuses on expressive arts workshops, art instruction and Fine Art sales. Georgia works from her home studio in Ajax, Ontario.

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